Carbuncular Adaptations (and broken glass)

First here’s a link to the Pop Sherlock event at the Toronto Central Reference library that we refer to. It’s on from August 19 – October 22, 2017 A quick view of Covent Garden market, where the goose in question was, at one point, sold. This looks a bit earlier than the 1890s, but it […]

Ep. 8 – The Man with the Twisted Lip

The Man with the Twisted Lip is Geordie’s favourite Holmes story – so here is over 2 hours of why. Was Neville St. Clair murdered in an opium den by the vile beggar Hugh Boone? How do the various TV and film versions stack up? And why does Mrs. Watson refer to her husband as […]

Of Lip Twists and Plot Twists

And here we go. This is the cover art that had Geordie almost convinced he was looking at an old photo of a real person.   And in its natural habitat.   Here’s a gallery of Eille Norwood disguises – impressive!   These are the PDFs for Download that we refer to in the podcast. […]

Ep. 7 – The Five Orange Pips

The Five Orange Pips is one of a handful of Sherlock Holmes stories in which Holmes completely fails. He sends client John Openshaw out the door at Baker Street only for Openshaw to be murdered minutes later. Indeed, far from seeming to be remorseful about the client’s death, Holmes takes the murder as an affront […]

Pips and Misdemeanors

Quite a mixed bag this month. Let’s start with author Charlotte Anne Walters’ excellent article from her blog. This is the article we quote from at one point. You can click the entry below to check out the original. Walters is the author of Barefoot on Baker Street, a pastiche in which a young street […]