Monthly Archives: October 2017

Ep. 10A – The Speckled Band Part 2

In which your hosts courageously dive into the many, many … MANY adaptions of the The Speckled Band, Mike with more courage than Geordie who didn’t actually watch them all.

The Speckled Bandwidth

We don’t usually do a ton of behind the scenes stuff, but this month I was so taken with the ‘please wait’ messaging that our hosting service implemented that I had to share it – all Star Wars related!   Here’s a 1910 review caricature of Conan Doyle’s Speckled Band play from The Boston American, […]

Footnote 7 – Interview with Larry Millett author of The Eisendorf Enigma

Our first interview! Larry Millett’s books feature Sherlock Holmes in Minnesota. His latest, The Eisendorf Enigma, finds an elderly Holmes trying to capture a killer who eluded him years earlier. Press play to find out more.