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The Speckled Blog

Most of the support material will be next month when we get to adaptations of The Speckled Band. We’ll have the usual list of ridiculous media links and even a PDF to download. But you still deserve a bit of eclectic silliness. Holmes’ minimalist packing instructions to Watcon caught my attention; “An Eley’s No. 2 […]

Ep. 10 – The Speckled Band Part 1

  The Speckled Band comes first on all sorts of Sherlockian ‘Best Of’ lists. It was Conan Doyle’s favourite Holmes story, even though, by his own admission he couldn’t always remember its name. Julia Stoner has died from something so terrifying she cannot name it, screaming only ‘It was the band, the speckled band!’ Now […]

Sept. 14 2017 – Young Sherlock Holmes at Toronto Reference Library

Young Sherlock Holmes (1985, Dir. Barry Levinson) is showing at 6pm Thursday, Sept 14 2017 at the Toronto Reference Library (789 Yonge St. just north of Bloor). It’s in the Hinton Learning Centre and its FREE as part of the excellent POP Sherlock Exhibit. Mike and Geordie will be there getting streeter-style reactions from viewers […]