Monthly Archives: June 2017

Footnote 6 – Types of London Beggar

This is really a preface to The Man With the Twisted Lip, coming on July 17. Happy listening!

The Five Orange Addenda

OK, it’s really only one addendum, but I couldn’t resist. Our listener(s) write(s) in to help us remember things we can’t. If I write any more there will be no need to actually listen.

Ep. 7 – The Five Orange Pips

The Five Orange Pips is one of a handful of Sherlock Holmes stories in which Holmes completely fails. He sends client John Openshaw out the door at Baker Street only for Openshaw to be murdered minutes later. Indeed, far from seeming to be remorseful about the client’s death, Holmes takes the murder as an affront […]

Pips and Misdemeanors

Quite a mixed bag this month. Let’s start with author Charlotte Anne Walters’ excellent article from her blog. This is the article we quote from at one point. You can click the entry below to check out the original. Walters is the author of Barefoot on Baker Street, a pastiche in which a young street […]