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Footnote 5 – What if Holmes had been written by Harold Pinter

Playwright Harold Pinter (1930-2008) was famous for writing as people really spoke. Or at least how people spoke in the Britain of the 1950s/60s/and ’70s. There is almost no exposition to explain what is happening. Context comes from stage direction and what, inevitably perhaps, became known in the world of theatre as a “Pinter pause”- […]

Ep. 6A – The Boscombe Valley Mystery Part 2 – Enter the Deerstalker

That famous hat that Holmes wears? It’s called a deerstalker cap. Part 2, of The Boscombe Valley Mystery in which we indulge our curiosity about the origins of the deerstalker and do our best to factually verify or debunk different theories about why this type of hat has become so indelibly associated with Sherlock Holmes. […]

The Boscombe Valley History – Part 2 – Deerstalkers and Ulsters

Welcome to the visual support page for Episode 6A The Boscombe Valley Mystery Part 2. Here you can see all the different illustrations we talk about in that eps of the podcast. But we’re not going to re-hash everything. You need to listen to the podcast! Below left, is Sidney Paget’s brother Walter, reputed to […]

Footnote 4 – Nothing of Value by Alan Bradley

Today, a chilling story called ‘Nothing of Value’ by Alan Bradley. It’s to be found in the anthology Beyond Baker Street, edited by Michael Harrison. It was the inspiration for a story by Geordie Telfer, To Be Young Again, presented on Feb. 21, or 2/21. Happy Listening!