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Ep. 6 – The Boscombe Valley Mystery Pt. 1 – Yellowbacks on the Outback

This one has everything – a gory murder, a callow youth, a lovely young woman, and mysterious cries of ‘Cooey’ in the woods. As they have in the past, Mike and Geordie have so much to say that they’ve split this one in two – we could say it’s for greater thematic clarity (which it […]

The Boscombe Valley History – Pt. 1

In this episode our framing question is: “What was the yellow-back novel Watson was reading?” Wikipedia tells us that: A yellow-back or yellowback is a cheap novel which was published in Britain in the second half of the 19th century. They were occasionally called “mustard-plaster” novels. Developed in the 1840s to compete with the “penny […]

Correction to Footnote #3

Yay! Listeners write in to correct us on errors we made (some of which we suspected, but were not positive, we were making.) We’re always pleased to hear from listeners! Thanks, everyone.    

Footnote to Footnote #3 – How We Met Sherlock

Righty-o! Let the media perusal begin. Since Sesame Street‘s Sherlock Hemlock plays an important role, let us begin with his first appearance in the Case of the Missing Chicken Salad Sandwich.   And then, the song he’s famous for ‘X-Marks the Spot.’ Listen to the podcast for Mike’s rousing rendition of same.   Then there’s […]

Footnote #3 – How We Met Sherlock

Mike and Geordie realize they’ve never asked each other how they got into Sherlock Holmes. Hilarity ensues. Well, not¬† hilarity¬†so much as plenty of banter in our usual inimitable way. Television and pop-culture play a perhaps not-so-surprising role in introducing our past selves to the man in the hat. You’ll also get to hear Mike’s […]