Monthly Archives: March 2017

A Case of Credulity

In this month’s episode, A Case of Identity, client Mary Sutherland is, unusually, a woman whose attractiveness Watson does not go out of his way to describe. Watson’s commentary on her appearance is limited to her size, ‘vacuous face’ and ‘preposterous’ choice of millinery, a Duchess of Devonshire hat, that to Watson, caps her ‘vulgar, […]

Ep. 5 – A Case of Identity with guest Angela Misri

Our first guest! Author, journalist, and co-host of the podcast Ada’s Sisters, Angela Misri joins Mike and Geordie to discuss her Portia Adams Mysteries book series – and this week’s short story, A Case of Identity. We all agree that this is a frustrating story, in which the deception is ingenious, but all (and we […]