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Footnote 2 – February 21 is 2/21

To celebrate February 21st being 2/21, here is the story of the first piece of writing that Geordie ever got published, fittingly a Sherlock Holmes short. Upon listening back, at least one of the podcasters finds the story of the story to be more entertaining than the story itself–but you can judge for yourselves.

Ep. 4 – The Red Headed League

The Red Headed League was one of Conan-Doyle’s 12 favourite Holmes stories and it regularly makes Sherlockian Top 10 lists. Here at igroksherlock, we believe that is for the following reasons: it’s an ideal example of short story writing; it’s rich with the jabs of sharp comedy that pop-up in early Holmes stories, but fade […]

The League of Victorian Quackery

One of the notably funny moments in The Red Headed League comes when Jabez Wilson goes to the forwarding address provided by Duncan Ross after the league has been dissolved and finds it to be a ‘manufactory of artificial kneecaps.’ In my opinion no one gets to say, hear, or type the words ‘manufactory of […]