Ep. 13 – The Beryl Coronet

Geordie contends that, except for Holmes, all the key players in The Beryl Coronet are complete morons. Mike is inclined to cut them a bit more slack, but more-or-less concurs with this thesis. Do you agree or disagree?

(Un)Kind Hearts and Coronets

If you’ve never seen Kind Hearts and Coronets, it’s worth a watch. It’s an Ealing comedy, notable for Alec Guinness’s portrayal of nine members of an aristocratic family, all of whom are murdered by the protagonist to inherit a dukedom. It has absolutely nothing to do with The Beryl Coronet, but it’s difficult to find […]

The (Ig)Noble Effort (at doing a blog post)

I got the actual podcast all finished and uploaded and scheduled for release a couple of days ago – and then promptly forgot I also had to do a blog post. You’ll have noticed that these posts are becoming rather perfunctory, largely consisting, in their present form, of media links. The ancient Greek historian, Herodotus, […]

Ep. 12 – The Noble Bachelor

In many ways, The Noble Bachelor asks, ‘For whom should we feel pity?’ The wronged? The rich? The beautiful? Or the sexy danseuse who gets a little overly attached? Mike and Geordie have no good answers, but they certainly look in some fun places.

Thumb(s) Up

Not a lot for the blog entry this month. Mostly media links. To start though, here’s the Sidney Paget illustration that makes it difficult to see how Lysander Stark could have ever lopped the thumb off in the first place, BUT as we discover, this illustration does not represent the situation described in the text. […]

Ep. 11 – The Engineer’s Thumb

A recently mono-thumbed hydraulic engineer named Victor Hatherly shows up early one morning at Watson’s practice. Watson and (later) Holmes believe Hatherly’s strange story, but do we? For CBC listeners of ‘As It Happens’ please note that iGrokSherlock is recorded 5,658 km from Reading.

The Speckled Bandwidth

We don’t usually do a ton of behind the scenes stuff, but this month I was so taken with the ‘please wait’ messaging that our hosting service implemented that I had to share it – all Star Wars related!   Here’s a 1910 review caricature of Conan Doyle’s Speckled Band play from The Boston American, […]